At Henry Blake, we are committed to protecting the environment and improving the sustainability of our business. This starts from the very beginning, with high quality, timeless designs and durable products.

We want our hardware to last a lifetime: it is the very opposite of ‘fast fashion’, which is intended to be bought, discarded and replaced over and over again. We design our ranges for elegance and longevity. We use solid brass, a robust and hard-wearing material that will maintain its good looks and excellent performance for many years. All our products are expertly made by skilled craftspeople and hand finished in the UK to ensure premium quality and performance.

As well as being both strong and beautiful, brass is 100% recyclable. We purposefully melt down and re-use our own raw brass to use in the creation of further products. This reduces the need to mine virgin elements from the ground.

We are constantly examining all areas of our business in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

To reduce carbon emissions from transport, we make the effort to combine deliveries to both suppliers and customers.

We consider our packaging with the utmost care, which must fully protect our heavy, beautifully finished products. In general, we minimise the use of plastic and avoid single-use plastic; any plastic packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials and reused multiple times.

To encourage local staff to cycle to work, we have invested in a communal bike shed at our head office.