Quiet Luxury – the classic, high-quality interiors style that whispers rather than shouts

Quiet Luxury – the classic, high-quality interiors style that whispers rather than shouts

Everyone’s fallen for the sophisticated look that embraces timeless design and subtle appeal.

When the stresses of modern life become a bit too much, what could be better than retreating to the welcoming oasis of your elegant, calm and beautiful home? Whisper it – a new aesthetic has spread from fashion to interiors, a style of decorating that eschews flashy styling in favour of understated opulence, authentic craftsmanship and refined, natural materials.

From fashion to interiors: how Gwyneth Paltrow and Kendall Roy changed the game

Quiet luxury has been around ever since the uber-rich decided it was best not to show off their wealth too overtly but, instead, opt for no-logo discretion (in other words, quite a while). However, when Google searches for the term ‘quiet luxury’ exploded in mid-2023, it was evident that the idea had become decidedly more mainstream. What spurred such popular interest? Well, one factor was actress-turned-lifestyle-guru Gwyneth Paltrow’s Utah ski trial, which went viral as much for her super-pricey, incredibly subtle wardrobe (think a black Prada polo shirt that costs $2,250 ) as for her wry one-liners. And the launch of the fourth season of hugely successful TV drama Succession fanned the flame considerably. Its formidable Roy family exemplify the idea of inconspicuous refinement (in clothing, at least), with excellent tailoring, neutral tones and an absence of obvious monograms being typical of their go-to style. 

Less excess, more elegance

As is so often the way, the quiet luxury aesthetic spread rapidly from couture to become a strong influence on interior design. Like a classic suit or timeless dress, this look is the very opposite of ostentatious maximalism or throwaway culture, instead concentrating on high-quality furnishings that will stand the test of time. It’s about making thoughtful choices to achieve an effect that is consistent, cohesive and calming. Rooms are neither too cluttered nor too minimal, but balanced and comfortable, with furniture that wears well and will never go out of fashion. From the big picture of wall colours and flooring to the smallest details such as light switches and door handles, every element is carefully considered. These items are not meant to be discarded after a season; they are intended to be cherished for a lifetime and perhaps even passed down through generations.

Discreet is the word

Like a Celine jacket, a bag from The Row or a coat from Max Mara, furnishings in this style are beautifully designed for comfort as well as looks, and made from the best materials by craftspeople with superior skills. They avoid logos, bright colours and all but the most understated patterns. Unfussy shapes and clean, simple lines are key, and the colour palette is highly limited – black, grey, white, cream, beige, stone and little else. These neutral tones arise easily from a select range of natural materials such as oak, ash, wool, linen, leather, brass and rattan – all of them authentic, good-looking, durable and sustainable.

Nurture your wellbeing 

Quiet luxury is not only about the price tag. When you let go of the need to keep up with fashion, crafting an interior that suits your own sense of inconspicuous opulence can vastly enhance your wellbeing. Invest in the items that signify luxury for you, whatever you can afford: gorgeous textures that are wonderful next to the skin, well-designed accessories that feel good in the hand, sumptuous upholstery that is both soft and supportive. Even small items like a a merino throw, an Egyptian cotton sheet or a velvet cushion make a difference. Buy things that are, as William Morris advised, both useful and beautiful, and the sense of refinement will fall into place – every element working hard and looking good. What’s more, investing in fewer, higher-quality items with a longer lifespan has a satisfying, knock-on effect on the environment, too. 

Subtle, sophisticated, simple 

In an increasingly noisy, fast-paced and stressful world, embracing quiet luxury means celebrating the values of quality, simplicity and sustainable style. It could even be seen as a more mindful way of living. True quiet luxury? It’s the beautiful things around you that make you feel good.


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