Discover How to Refresh Your Kitchen | 6 Ways to Enhance Your Interior Design

Discover How to Refresh Your Kitchen | 6 Ways to Enhance Your Interior Design

Is it time to refresh your kitchen?

When it comes to home improvements, there are plenty of ways you can elevate your space without doing a full refurbishment. From a fresh coat of paint to stunning new door handles, little changes can make a big difference.

In our latest blog post, we’re guiding you through the best ways to refresh your kitchen:

How to Refresh Your Kitchen: Replace Your Hardware

Rather than replacing your cabinets, you can instead refresh your kitchen in a matter of minutes with a discreet upgrade on your handles and hardware.

Cabinet knobs, regular pulls, or edge pulls can all help to elevate your kitchen cabinet appearance, enhancing the aesthetic with a fresh new colour, style, or shape.

Choose between mature plated finishes or lacquered pieces to give your kitchen design a statement new look, adding a touch of elegance and contemporary flair.

Explore our range of door hardware finishes to find your perfect match.

Refresh Your Kitchen: Try a New Colour Scheme

One of the simplest ways to refresh your kitchen is to give it a fresh coat of paint; the walls, the cupboards — even the splashback.

By introducing a new colour, you can alter the appearance of your kitchen, transforming your home into something new and stylish.

Darker hues can give the kitchen a dramatic look, contrasting nicely with a lighter shade — matte black and sharp white, accented with brushed gold, is a popular combination right now.

Neutral and lighter tones, such as white or cream, will completely transform your kitchen look, making the room appear larger and brighter, helping to open up the space. This is perfect for a traditional farmhouse kitchen aesthetic.

Refresh Your Kitchen With Different Textures

Textures are often an overlooked aspect of design; while colour is important, having different materials can also help refresh your kitchen.

Whether it’s a mix of contrasting soft furnishings and hardware, panelling on the walls, or 

reeded, fluted, or grooved cabinets, textures help add depth and create interesting dynamics within your space. 

Reeding involves creating narrow, parallel grooves or channels along the surface of a wood panel. They can run vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, depending on the desired look, adding a subtle, linear texture to the wood and giving cabinets a more traditional, classic vibe.

Grooving involves cutting shallow channels into the surface of a wood panel to create a series of vertical or horizontal lines. This adds depth and dimension to cabinet doors and can lend a rustic or cottage-inspired charm to the kitchen.

While you may need a certain level of skill (or to call in a favour), it's a worthwhile venture, as it can help inject a little character and personality into the room.

Upcycle Your Furniture For a Fresh New Look

If you love a project but don’t have the budget for a completely new kitchen, why not consider upcycling your existing furniture?

Sand down your table and chairs and use a vintage chalk paint for a rustic effect in a farmhouse-style room, or varnish them for more of an antique-vibe. 

Add soft textures, such as a tablecloth or runner and chair cushions, to create a cosy ambience, and adorn your table with fresh flowers to elevate your space. 

Paper your sideboard for a contemporary approach to a vintage aesthetic, and swap its existing, basic knobs for adventurous new handles, such as those in our art deco bowtie range.

Consider Reconfiguring Your Space

Moving furniture around can often have a cathartic effect, and allow you to maximise your rooms’ potential without making any drastic changes. 

Why not swap your sideboard and kitchen table around, for example, or move your tea station to a different worktop? 

There are plenty of practical solutions that require minimal effort, but offer maximum impact.

Transform Your Room With Ambient Lighting 

Lighting can make all the difference in your home and, if you’re fortunate enough to have a kitchen-cum-reception room, you’ll want bright lights for the cooking aspect, with the option to tone it down to a more ambient atmosphere for dining or relaxing. 

You could add side lights on the wall that offer a dim glow, or opt for a large, decorative lamp nestled by your table. 

Consider strip lighting under your cabinets or along the edge of your island, allowing you to easily switch between bright and atmospheric, depending on your needs.

If you’d like to find out more about how to refresh your kitchen, please contact a member of our team today — we’ll be happy to advise on how you can use our hardware to transform your space!

Alternatively, why not check out our recent blog to explore our door hardware finishes?
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