Finding the Ultimate Style For Your Home | How to Choose Handles For Kitchen Cabinets

Finding the Ultimate Style For Your Home | How to Choose Handles For Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for new kitchen cabinet handles?

At Henry Blake Hardware, we can help you explore several options before choosing a style that suits you. Whether you prefer modern flair or the rustic charm of farmhouse aesthetics, our team is on hand to support you in discovering your perfect design.

In our blog, we’ll explore the top tips on how to choose handles for kitchen cabinets.

Quality | How To Choose Handles For Kitchen Cabinets 

Given the number of times you open and close your kitchen cabinets you’ll want something stylish, comfortable and high-quality to ensure it doesn’t become damaged or impractical over time.

That’s why we recommend Henry Blake Hardware. Our high-end cabinet handles are made from solid brass, offering a wide range of styles; with a strong focus on quality, functionality and style.

Regular cleaning and polishing ensures our hardware is designed to last a lifetime and is resistant to tarnishing or signs of ageing. It’s also been designed to fit well and install easily, making your kitchen upgrade hassle-free – and long-lasting.

Style | How To Choose Handles For Kitchen Cabinets 

Looking at the trends for kitchen cabinet handles, we’ve discovered the three most popular handles for 2024 are textured, matte black hardware, and brass.

Texture and Edge Pulls

A textured stepped plate or round knurled T cabinet, which sees a pattern of straight, angled or crossed lines rolled into the material, adds a new and exciting dimension to your kitchen's design - elevating your cabinets with a unique and contemporary look.

The texture of these hardware finishes offers depth and enhanced functionality. For instance, the rougher texture of knurled options in door hardware supplies more grip, which is helpful for anyone with dexterity issues or those who simply like a firmer hold on the handle.

Matte Black Hardware Knobs

When considering how to choose handles for kitchen cabinets, your classic matte black style is a step in the right direction. 

As black goes with almost everything, decorating your cabinets, wardrobes or cupboards with matte black hardware can dramatically alter the feel of your room, offering a simple yet sophisticated change. 

In comparison to edge pulls, knobs are smaller and offer less grip — making it harder to grasp and if they’re installed in lower spaces, they’re more likely to catch on your clothing. However, they offer a minimal yet effective change that can significantly impact your home and would be an option for those who don’t live with young children (the most likely to get their clothing caught!).

Brass Pulls

If you’re looking for your forever hardware, a brass pull is the strongest of our selection, being resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.

They offer a fresh look to your home, so if you want a subtle yet effective upgrade, consider implementing a few bronze brass pulls in different areas of your home to enhance the overall appearance. 

Minimalist Vs Maximalist | How To Choose Handles For Kitchen Cabinets 

Are you aiming to make a subtle adjustment or a significant impact on your home?

Beginning with the maximum effects, bold choices such as darker hues, textured finishes and unique shapes add a different feel to your chosen space. However, a simpler, more neutral look to the surface of your cabinets and worktops can leave room for a minimalist hardware finish, which can, in turn, provide a sophisticated and mature look.

Defining the finer details in your home without overhauling the style can serve to elevate it – whether that be subtle or significant. Both of these options will give your home the upgrade you desire but, remember, when choosing handles for kitchen cabinets it’s important to consider the room as a whole.

Aim for colours that complement the room's current feel and adopt a handle that aligns with your style. And if you’d prefer to re-design your kitchen? We have a range of hardware to meet your new vision.

If you’d like to find out more about how Henry Blake Hardware can inform you on how to choose handles for kitchen cabinets, please contact a member of our team today.

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