Explore the Best Handles for Shaker Cabinets | Enhance Your Kitchen's Aesthetic

Explore the Best Handles for Shaker Cabinets | Enhance Your Kitchen's Aesthetic

The handles on your shaker cabinet can make all the difference to the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. So it plays to explore your options to ensure you find the best.

Whether you want to replace worn handles on your kitchen cabinets, or incorporate a modern farmhouse aesthetic, changing your hardware can significantly elevate the appearance of your space.

In this blog, we’re showcasing the most popular shaker cabinet trends and signature finishes to help you add the finishing touches to your kitchen design:

Versatility and Function | Best Handles For Shaker Cabinets 

When it comes to choosing your cabinet handles, it’s important to think about the look, style, durability, and overall function of the product in your home.

Different colours and textures can completely transform the aesthetic of your kitchen space; so, you’ll want to pick something that resonates with your current design.

Henry Blake Hardware, our cabinet hardware is separated into three categories: cabinet knobs, pulls, and edge pulls. All three styles can dramatically alter the look and feel of your home, offering a unique enhancement by replacing a subtle hardware finish for a new and effective remodel.


Types of Handles For Shaker Cabinets

The perfect handle needs to complement the style of your current shaker cabinets while taking into consideration their colour and texture.

Cabinet Knobs | Best Handles For Shaker Cabinets 

Cabinet knobs offer sophistication and a classic sense of style.

Our collection of
cabinet knobs brings a sense of refinement to your interior space, adding a touch of elegance that pulls and edge pulls may not offer.

Traditional metal door knobs are timeless. They’re a popular choice for elevating your kitchen aesthetic and providing the finishing touches to your home.

At Henry Blake Hardware, our cabinet knobs vary in size and shape. Explore square, fluted, round T bars and round knurled T bar cabinet knobs to find a taste that best suits your style.

Cabinet Pulls | Best Handles For Shaker Cabinets 

Knobs are more typically used for cabinet doors, providing elegance and class, whereas cabinet pulls and edge pulls add a touch of antiquity to your kitchen space.

smooth half-moon cabinet pull is a popular choice, offering an easy grip and a different look to elevate your shaker cabinets. By opting for a darker hue or unique texture of cabinet pull, such as dark bronze or a hammered effect, you can dramatically alter the appearance of your shaker cabinet.

Cabinet Edge Pulls | Best Handles For Shaker Cabinets 

Unlike traditional knobs or handles that protrude from the surface, our cabinet edge pulls are recessed into the edge of the cabinet or drawer.

They offer a clean-cut style, creating a finished appearance with a rustic, dated-back finish. Although they’re attached to the inside of the drawers, our cabinet edge pulls are solid brass varying between a straight, scalloped, curved or rounded edge.

An excellent alternative for those with a modern contemporary style, this unique design offers clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic.

If you’d like to find out more about the best handles for shaker cabinets, please don’t hesitate to
contact a member of our team. We’ll be happy to guide you through several options to match your chosen kitchen aesthetic.

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