Kitchen Inspirations for 2024

Kitchen Inspirations for 2024

As kitchens embrace the quiet luxury look, warm, neutral colours combine with a natural, organic and textural feel to create a welcoming space that’s an elegant and harmonious blend of style and functionality. 

At home, our lives revolve around the kitchen, a hub that encompasses so much more than simply a space in which to prepare meals. From a meditative morning coffee to a few hours at the laptop followed by a laughter-filled evening with friends, the kitchen is a place for relaxing, for socialising and for working from home, just as much as it is for chopping, peeling and cooking. As such, we want this room to be truly comfortable and beautiful, cosy and practical, blending smart, time-saving, energy-efficient appliances with an overall ambience that’s calm, nurturing and inviting. Read on for our guide to the key kitchen trends for 2024.


Kitchen colours of the year – warm neutrals

Whether a country or a city kitchen, large or small, neutral colours are classic and versatile. In 2024, however, these shades are less ‘off white’ and more ‘golden hour’ – offering a warm, tonal glow that is endlessly appealing. Together with classic shades of ivory, taupe and beige you’ll find earthy ochres, buttery yellows and even soft pinks. Conversely, moody darks – such as inky blue, charcoal and chocolate – are also the height of fashion, working brilliantly for those who love a dash of drama. All these colour choices can be beautifully complemented by the tactile patina of natural wood, the veins of luxurious marble and the subtle sheen of brass cabinet hardware.


Laid-back luxury

The quiet luxury trend has taken the interiors world by storm and shows no signs of abating. This look concentrates on high-quality furnishings that will stand the test of time, favouring understated opulence, authentic craftsmanship and refined, natural materials. In kitchens this means beautifully made and finished cabinetry, refined materials and carefully considered details, from light switches to drawer pulls. One particular trend that’s making a big statement this year is for slab-style splashbacks – a seamless, uninterrupted length of material, such as marble, natural stone, porcelain or quartz, offering an understated yet impressive, sleek and modern effect. Meanwhile, we’re all loving the retro-contemporary look of fluted glass, a new take on the old favourite of frosted-glass cabinet doors.


All in the details

It’s essential that the elements of a kitchen that are touched most regularly – switches, taps and door and cabinet hardware – are pleasurable to use as well as beautifully designed. These small details can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the space, with high-quality brass hardware, for example, providing not only durability and excellent functionality but also an undeniable sense of luxury. This year’s trends include hardware that’s either very minimal and understated, perhaps flush, recessed or a simple yet elegant edge pull, for example, or more eye-catching, either with an interesting, distressed or ‘living’ finish, or featuring a cool, retro vibe.


Natural influences

The influence of Scandinavian style is very much felt in every room of the house, and in the fashionable kitchen you’ll find the typically Nordic minimal yet comfortable feel, which emphasises both natural light and natural materials such as timber, marble, brass, stone and sisal. Their varied textures add authentic depth and character while feeling both on trend and timeless. All this, of course, chimes perfectly with the principles of biophilic design, which emphasises physical and mental wellbeing in the home, as well as with the sustainable and environmental principles which are coming more and more to the forefront of our minds.

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